Merry MAC Players

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The Martinsville Arts Council and Merry MAC Players Present

Home Games

by Tom Ziegler

Directed by Brent Wooldridge

Performances: August 18th-20th & August 25th-27th

Mertle Mae Tucker supports herself, her dad, a canary and a blind cat working as a truck dispatcher.  Dad was once a Yankee, spent the 1955 season on the bench and then retired rather than be traded to Cleveland.  He lives in a demented twilight zone, walking around in his uniform and talking to the audience as he would to Casey Stengel.  When Mertle Mae takes a night school class, she meets and falls in love with a successful young executive.  He loves Mertle Mae but is not so sure about taking on dear old dad.  He finds an old folks home in Cleveland, but Mertle Mae can't bring herself to put him there even though she knows Frank is her big chance in life.  

Character Descriptions :

Anton "Tony" Tucker (50-70) : To almost everyone he appears lost in his own little world, but to his daughter's trained eye, Tony is wise, funny, and filled with loads of mischief.

Mertle Mae Tucker (25-40) : Bright, warm, a soft heart for those in need.  More common sense and street smarts than formal education.  She doesn't know how attractive she is.

Frank Whitfield (25-40) : Charming, preppy.   Spoiled but with a touch of the poet that's just on the verge of emerging.